Overwhelm.  It’s everywhere these days. It’s one of the top stumbling blocks to success and one of the biggest issues my new clients come to me with.

Ready to get rid of overwhelm?

Ready to get rid of overwhelm?

Honestly, I have had a pretty intimate relationship with overwhelm myself.  For instance, I remember the time early in my coaching business where I found myself standing in the hallway between the office and the kitchen.  I had gone back and forth 4 times and couldn’t remember why.  I couldn’t even remember if I wanted to be in the kitchen or the office.

Today, I can look back at myself as an overwhelmed newbie with compassion.  I can tell that story with a smile on my face and see how I have grown.  I appreciate that I haven’t felt that kind of overwhelm for a long time.

In a session with a client recently, she started at an overwhelm level of 9 on a ten point scale.  Thanks to EFT and a priority setting exercise, she was feeling “clear and great” by the end of the session.  Her overwhelm feeling was almost gone and she was excited to move forward with the energy of clarity.

Then she asked me, “Paul, how did do you get rid of overwhelm – for good?”

Her question got me thinking about the journey from Overwhelmics Anonymous candidate to being able to maintain more positive emotional states over time.  In addition to my own experience, I thought about the experience of successful coaches I know – like Jen Blackert, Chip Engelmann, Jeanette Maw and Gurutej who took part in last weeks Spiritual Tools that WORK series.

The truth is that successful people don’t feel overwhelmed very often. Why? Do successful people have a overwhelm resistance strand on their DNA?  Are they born without the capacity to feel overwhelm? Of course not.

As I explored what’s common about the successful people I know, I saw that there are 3 things that successful people know how to do that prevents them from getting stuck in overwhelm.  I’d like to share with you the 3 Keys to Saying Goodbye to Overwhelm- For Good:

  1. Create positive thoughts – on a daily basis. Bill Baren is an executive and life coach whose business is so full that he has hired 4 other coaches to keep up with demand.   When asked about his secret to success, Bill says it’s daily journaling.   Each day he writes about what he appreciates about his clients and what he’s learned.  He says it keeps his attitude exceptionally positive.  My Mastermind partner, Sejual Shah uses EFT and attraction principles in the same manner.  While the tools may differ, successful people take responsibility for creating positive thoughts and a focused mind on a daily basis.
  2. Cultivate a service mindset.  Susan Evans is the founder of Helpingpreneur.com.  She has built a $250,000 per year business on the foundation of helping business owners help more people.   When you make a deeper commitment to service, you will start to see ways to leverage your knowledge to help more people.  Three examples of how my clients are doing this: blogging, creating products, and offering group programs.   When you help more people, you feel better and your income naturally rises.
  3. Develop a success team. Successful people know the value of a support network.  From Mastermind groups to online communities to individual coaching, there are support options for people at every level of the process.  There is a direct relationship between feelings of overwhelm and disconnect.  If you are regularly feeling overwhelmed, I invite you to increase the amount of support you have for your goals.

Though they seem simple, these three strategies will help you say goodbye to overwhelm – for good.   Try making a commitment to practice these three steps for one month.  I’d love to hear what happens for you.