As a reader of my blog, 3 things are very likely true about you:

  1. You’ve taken trainings and gotten mentorship for your work to help people improve their lives.
  2. You’re good at what you do – once people hire you. 
  3. You’re “hiding your genius behind a paywall.” (It’s a Paulism)

Hiding Your Genius Behind a Paywall

There is one set of issues when you are a new entrepreneur and questioning whether you can really help the people you want to help.  While that’s a common challenge, this newsletter is about something different.

Once you can reliably help people get the results they come to you, the major issue changes.  It usually goes something like this …

“Paul, I’m really good at helping my clients.  I mean the people who hire me love the results they are getting.  But, …”

I had a mentor, a former military guy, who liked to say, “Everything after but is BS.”

In the sentence spoken above by a conscious entrepreneur, everything after but is a result of hiding your genius behind a paywall.  What this means is that the large majority of people you could be helping don’t REALLY have a sense of the full extent of what you can do for them.  Why?  Because you’re only sharing your most powerful and impactful work with the people who are paying you money.

Thus, only a very small number of people really and truly understand the most powerful expression of your work. And that means you’re likely to struggle to meet your next level business goals whether that’s better paying individual clients, filling your retreat, selling your book or online course, etc.

Your genius is only being seen by your paying clients.  It’s hidden from the large majority of people you could be helping.  This seriously limits the possibilities in your business.

Unhiding Your Genius

Here’s a simple but powerful exercise I use with my clients.

First, I want you to imagine a client who is SUPER aligned with your values.  I mean 100%, it’s uncanny how aligned you both feel with each other kind of alignment.  This is important because these are the conditions for you doing your most powerful and resonant work.

Now, I want you to imagine that you take this client on a journey of transformation.  A journey where they experience deeply meaningful change.

On any meaningful transformational journey, you’re gonna hit some challenge points. It’s why change is often harder for humans than we want it to be.  Because real change means going into uncomfortable places.

So I want you to make a note about 3-5 of these challenge points.  And I encourage you to write down what you do with your clients to help them navigate these uncomfortable places.  These “help them navigate” tips … they are glimpses into your unique form of genius.

Now … Share Your Genius

I’m 52 years old, bald, have a grey beard and a big Jewish nose.  I’m not ever gonna look like one of those Instagram fitness models.  That’s not my path to the business goals I’m working towards. AND .. I’ve been on a dedicated spiritual journey for more than 30 years and guiding people to make big changes in their lives for over 25 years.  That is where the power is for me and it’s likely something similar for you as well.

So now I invite you to take a deep breath, let go of whatever fears of “somebody is gonna steal it” and use the examples you found in the exercise to connect with your genius.  Here’s some intentions I invite you to play with:

I choose to share my genius authentically.
I choose to share my genius powerfully.
I choose to share my genius with the intent to help people.
I choose to share my genius out in the open.

To start with, I invite you to pick any platform you are familiar with to try this experiment, be it on Facebook, Instagram, your newsletter, etc.  Share one crisp example and try to focus more on how it feels to share in this way then any results you may or may not get.

What do you notice when you do this?  I’d love to hear from you how this goes!