Going into 2019, you have a real opportunity to grow you business through the power of generosity. In these uncertain times, a business owner with a generous heart is a gift. It will really help you stand out from other entrepreneurs who are more focused on strategies, tactics and “charging what you are worth”.

One thing I’m NOT talking about when I talk about growing your business through the power of generosity is¬†giving away lots of free services, especially 1-1 services. That’s a set up for burn out and discouragement.

Instead, here are 3 ways to grow your business through the power of generosity that are both sustainable and effective:

  1. In your content. Be generous with your knowledge via your blog posts, videos, podcast interviews, newsletters and any other way you share content. Good content with actionable tips and helpful resources helps people get to know you and your work – BEFORE you ask anyone to hire you.
  2. With your network. Most successful business owners have a team of trusted colleagues that they refer to and, in turn, they refer to your business. A great way to deepen your relationship with colleagues and build the kind of trust that leads to more referrals is through sharing generously with people who’s work you respect.
  3. In your business model. This is one of favorites. Keep working to provide a lot of value in your offerings and through your pricing. With conscious attention to the kinds of issues that keep coming up with the kind of clients you work with, you can find ways to add helpful resources to help your ideal clients navigate the situations in your niche. In addition to 1-1 services (which is very common), you can create guides, meditations, instructional videos as well as affordable group programs that are consciously crafted just for the kind of situations your ideal clients face.

With a generous heart and your creativity, there’s no limit to the ways you can bring this approach to your business. My experience and that of my clients is that when you do, people notice and, often, share with their friends. It’s a real win-win approach.

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