If you’ve spent anytime researching social media as a client tool, you’ve likely heard a wide mix of experiences. Some will tell you it’s the single most important marketing tool every invented. Others tell you it’s a complete waste of time.

Is Twitter a waste? Can you really attract awesome clients on Facebook? How come some people seem to get BIG results from social media marketing and others don’t?

Attract More Clients With Humor

Attract More Clients With Humor

Remember when Grandma told you that you attract more flies with honey than vinegar? I’d like to suggest that FUN is a form of online honey. Let’s take a look at two very successful people and how they use humor as a client attraction tool.

Humor as a Shoe Magnet

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos.com, a online shoe company that sells over $1 billion per year. And, he’s proud of being a little weird. In fact, he’s such a strong believer in fun as a business strategy that one of Zappos’ 10 Core Values is “Create Fun and A Little Wierdness.”

As I write this post, Tony is listed as having almost 1.7 million followers on Twitter – that’s a LOT of free attention. To give you a sense of Tony’s sense of humor, today he Tweeted:

Hosted screaming contest w/ 120 kids of employees. In other news, stores report an unexplained increase in sales of Excedrin.

In total, 499 of Zappos’s 1400 employees are on Twitter to date. While no employee is forced to tweet, the company actually gives classes on Twitter success. Humor is an integral part of what they are taught.

The Vibration of Laughter

That’s fine for the CEO of a $1 Billion dollar a year company Paul. But, most of you are coaches, healers or small business owners of one kind or another. How could you have more fun in your marketing and survive?

Jeanette Maw is a Law of Attraction coach that charges $350 per session and is booked solid. You’d think that a Master coach with a global business is pretty serious, right?

Let’s take a look. Recently on Facebook, Jeanette posted:

Nice. Just left the office to go eat breakfast and realized I already have. When did THAT happen? Hope it was good. Maybe I should practice more “presencing” today. Ha!

If you follow Jeanette on social media or listen to one of her teleclasses, you’ll soon realize that FUN is one of the reasons that people are lining up to work with her.

3 Ways to Use Fun to Attract More Clients

1) If you’re going to make fun of anyone, make it yourself. Unless you’re a budding political satirist, it’s much safer to stick to poking fun at yourself.  Even comments made in jest can unintentionally alienate your prospects.  Jeanette is a master at laughing at her own humaness in a very attractive way.

2) Notice the idiosyncrasies of your field. EFT and meridian tapping, for instance, is weird looking stuff – there’s plenty of material for comedy routines here.  People in your field will love it if you help them find and celebrate your common weirdness.

3) Connect up with other humor magnets. One of the secrets to my practice going from zero to global in 15 months is that early on I got good at finding other people on social media who were fun to play with.  Sharing good times and field specific humor with other leaders in your niche build your esteem in a very natural way.  Even though your not in high school anymore, who doesn’t want to play with the cool kids?

Though grandma grew up BF (Before Facebook), she still knew that vinegar wasn’t going to catch many paying customers. Perhaps it’s time for a little more fun in your social media presence. After all, it only costs a smile.