In today’s economy, people are paying more attention to how they spend their money.  In my mind, mindfulness around money is very important.

At the same time, our world is changing rapidly and many people don’t have a clear vision of how they can thrive in this environment.  Unless you’re an ostrich, there are MUCH better strategies than putting your head in sand and hoping these changes will pass you by.

You can afford coaching

Say YES! to your dreams

Affordable coaching – not an oxymoron

One of the things a good coach does is help you gain clarity.  Having a clear relationship with money, knowing your passion, and understanding who you can best serve are essential for increasing your success in the realities of today’s world.

But what do you do if you know you could really use the clarity that coaching provides but you don’t have a large bag of money under your bed?

Here are 5 strategies for making coaching affordable:

  1. Get a buddy. One very common mistake most clients make is not having support other than a coach.  A good prosperity or mastermind buddy allows you to make progress before, during and after your coaching session.    It’s a FREE way to ensure you fast track your paid coaching progress.  Click here to read more.
  2. Ask for and complete assignments. A good coach will almost always help you find concrete actions that you can be working on between sessions.  Ignoring these will slow down your progress and increase both your frustration and expenses.
  3. Consider group coaching. Individual coaching is much more expensive than group coaching.  Most established coaches offer group programs that are affordable and effective.  When structured correctly, a good coaching group is actually MORE effective.
  4. Be honest about the cost of staying the same. The first question that many people ask is, “How much does coaching cost?”.  This is an important question.  It is also important to know compared to what? In other words, how does the costs of change measure up to the cost of staying the same.  Ask yourself, “What will things look like for me a year from now if I stay on the same track?  Here’s a blog post on this topic.
  5. Pick a coach who has the skills for rapid progress. Don’t just look at hourly rates when you’re looking for a coach.  An experienced coach with the right skills can often help you accomplish your goals MUCH FASTER.  For instance, my experience is that energy psychology tools like EFT often lead to much more progress in each session than traditional coaching.

These days, most people are thinking about money differently than in the past.  While I want you to be mindful, I also want to suggest that there are ways to pursue your dreams in a way that you can feel good about.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the form of a comment below.