first paying clientsSo you are a relatively new business owner and you’ve just had that magical moment every conscious entrepreneur longs for – you’ve started to get your first paying clients who are a really good fit.  That awesome feeling of working with several people who are in the sweet spot of being highly motivated to grow while facing some challenges you are in a great position to help with.

Congrats!  It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

The first thing I suggest is to celebrate. Some good chocolate, a nice meal, a walk in a special place, a movie with a friend.  It doesn’t have be expensive (most new service business owners don’t have a huge budget), just something to acknowledge this milestone and open yourself to more of this.

OK,  then what?

Learning From Your First Paying Clients: An Exercise

What most new business owners do in this exciting and poignant moment is … nothing.  Or more accurately, nothing different.  They simply go on doing the same things that have been doing.  And I’d like to suggest that not reflecting after getting your first paying clients is missing a real opportunity.

Instead, I’d like to suggest a simple writing exercise with 4 questions that will take you about 15 minutes.  It’s a short investment of time that can make a big difference. The questions are designed to help you learn more specific information about what made these first paying clients such a good fit.  Once you know more detailed information about who your ideal client is, you are in a much better position to attract many more of them.

Here are 4 questions I’d invite you to explore:

  1. What do you notice are the common psychographics for these ideal clients?The dictionary defines psychographics as “the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria, especially in market research.”  In other words, what are the inner attributes about these first paying clients and how they view the world that felt like it contributed to them being such a great fit?
  2. What do you notice about any common demographics for these ideal clients?  Demographics refer to social statistics like gender, profession, education, etc.  For instance, early on in my business I noticed I work best with service business owners and people who are higher than average intelligence (whether or not they are formally educated).
  3. What do you notice about commonalities in the situations these clients are facing? The reason people hire a service providers or buy a product is because they are facing a poignant situation that they want help navigating.  What are the nuances of the situations that these first paying clients hired you for?  And if you dig a little deeper, do you notice any interactions below the surface.  For instance, a career coach I know noticed that several of the women who hired her were going through the process of questioning their long term relationships in addition to desiring shifts in their careers.
  4. What does your intuition suggest is important to notice?  The first 3 questions are more strategic mind ones.  What wisdom does your soul and your intuition want to share with you?   What is important that hasn’t yet been named about these first paying clients that are a great fit?

What to do With The Information

If you slow down and look deeply at these questions, important information will emerge.
Once you have that information – whether it’s a clear demographic or more a subtle felt sense you weren’t previously aware of – it’s time to weave this into the activities you regularly do to grow your business.

For instance, if you notice that this wave of clients are more courageous than you were previously aware of (a psychographic awareness), then I’d invite you to bring more references to courage and bravery into whatever you are doing to grow your business – blogging, video marketing, networking, etc.   It doesn’t have to be heavy handed – just have an awareness of this new found information and find simple ways to weave it in.

And if you’d like some support on your journey to growing your conscious business, check out my Early Development Mastermind Group. It’s a great group of spiritual entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting each other in growing their businesses using an awareness based approach.