Our sector is full of the glorification of the busy, the hustle, and the grind. That mindset often permeates the entrepreneurial world and leads normal humans to feel like we’re not doing enough.

What I find is that because of these messages, many entrepreneurs are stuck in “looping” – mentally cycling around all the things that one is “supposed” to do to grow a business. Such that there’s rarely a time that¬†we bring a calm and centered nervous system to a few consciously chosen action steps.

Social media feeds this cycle.

The way out of this insidious cycle is to create 2-3 priorities for the next 90 days. Chunk down what needs to happen in this time frame for positive momentum to occur.

  • You are enough.
  • You can create priorities that are right for you.
  • You deserve to know when you can turn off your business.

That doesn’t mean you ONLY can work on these 2-3 things in the next 3 months. But you choose to make sure you do these things well, with your best quality of attention. If you have more energy to work on other things, that’s great. If not, you can tend to them further down the line.

It’s OK to put kindness on your to do list.¬†

And, you’ll get a lot more traction from a few things done well and with awareness through time then jumping from thing to thing in ongoing patterns of stress.