Credit: Sarah Robinson

Credit: Sarah Robinson

When I first moved to Santa Fe, there was a “healthy chocolate” craze going on.  People were buzzing about how very pure, naturally sweetened dark chocolate products would supposedly cause miracles.

Now, I LOVE dark chocolate.  And I’m a big believer in natural health products.  I’m also aware of the benefits of eating dark chocolate.  Still, as I write this, I have the distinct feeling of wanting to gag.

Disconnected enthusiasm hurts your business

There is a saying in the business world that “They may forget what you told them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  Simply put, the healthy chocolate folks I met created the undesired association of “get me out of here!” when it comes to their stuff.

It’s not because they were dumb or bad people – these were intelligent and caring folks.  What the heck happened?

When you get excited about a product or service, it’s easy for your enthusiasm to get disconnected from your center.  And when it does, the only thing people want to buy when they are around you is a ticket to some place far away.

How do I ground my enthusiasm?

As a reader of this blog, you might recognize that what we just did is use the money and Law of Attraction principle of defining what you DON’T want (unless you’re in the travel business ;)) to guide you to more of what you DO want.  But how do you ensure that your enthusiasm is connected and grounded?

This is where your EFT for abundance skills can be very helpful.

Start with setup phrases like:

  • Even though I don’t really know how to be authentic and relaxed about my business enthusiasm, I choose to acknowledge my situation anyway.
  • Even though I probably alienated some people with my disconnected excitement, I’m willing to be a little kinder and more gentle with myself.
  • Even though I wish I was clearer about how to express my enthusiasm in a helpful way, I accept myself and my situation.

Once you start being kinder to yourself about ways your disconnected excitement might have hurt your success, you can use your tapping skills to ease into more skillfulness. Here are some setup phrases to try:

  • Even though in the past I didn’t know how to be excited about my business and connected to my center, I give myself permission to learn more about this.
  • Even though in the past I have got off balance with my enthusiasm, I’m choosing to allow my inner resources to teach me how to be more centered.
  • Even though I wish I felt more steady and centered than I have in the past, I am choosing to connect more deeply with my centered excitement now.

Your ability to attract people to do business with you is a key to increasing your income.  I would love to hear your experience and your questions about how to best do this.  Please share your thoughts in the form of a comment below.