EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful neurotechnology that I often use in my individual sessions and groups.  I find that it quickly clears negative emotions (like fear) that block success.  It’s also a great tool to open up to new possibilities in gentle yet effective ways.

The EFT Tapping Points

EFT Tapping Points

EFT Tapping Points

Below you will find information about the eight most common EFT tapping points.  The information about the emotional correlation with each point comes from Dr. John Diamond’s book, Life Energy.

Karate Chop Point (Small Intestine #3).  This point is on the fleshy part of your hand, right where your hand would make contact with a board if you were going to break it like a Karate expert would.  Emotionally, this point is associated with psychological reversal, sadness and joy.

Eyebrow (Bladder #2). This point is on the eyebrow line where it’s closest to the bridge of the nose.  Tap on the bone, not the soft area.  Emotionally, this point is connected to impatience, restlessness, frustration, peace and serenity.

Side of the Eye (Gall Blader #1). This point is about 1″ outside of the eyeball, again on the bone.  It is emotionally connected to rage, fury, adoration and forgiveness.

Under the Eye (Stomach #1). This point is about 1″ under the eyeball, on the bone.  It is emotionally connected to disappointment, disgust, emptiness, bitterness, hunger, and contentment.

Under the Nose (Governing Vessel #26). Halfway between the bottom of the nose and the top of the upper lip.  Emotional connections are psychological reversal, pride and embarrassment.

Chin (Conceptual Vessel #24). Not really on the chin.  Halfway between the bottom of the bottom lip and the bottom of the chin.  Emotionally, it’s connected to psychological reversal, shame and worthiness.

Collarbone (Kidney #27). Where the collarbone comes into the sternum, there are two bumps about where the knot of a man’s tie would be.  Go 1″ down and 1″ out towards the shoulder on either side.  The emotions connected with this point are fear of intimacy, sexual assuredness and security.

Under the Arm (Spleen #21). About 4″ down from the armpit on the line where the seam of a sweater would be.  This point is emotionally correlated with anxiety, faith and confidence.

These are the eight basic EFT tapping points that most practitioners use.  There are many other points that can lead to good results.  For example, many people add in the Top of the Head point.  To keep things as simple as possible, I like to start with the eight above points and add in others as needed.