I work with lots of EFT and Meridian Tapping Practitioners who want to grow their practices.  If you have been listening to anyone who’s someone in the Internet marketing world lately, you have heard that social media marketing is growing like the rabbit population during a very wet year.  One of the reasons that my own practice has grown faster than most is because early on I tapped into the power of social networking.

One of the big challenges when you’re starting with social networking is finding other people who share your passion. To help you do this, I came up with this list of EFT/MTT practitioners who tweet.  The people on list have extensive knowledge about tapping, are skillful at using Twitter as a social networking tool and are real go-givers.   Almost all are full time practitioners.

If you are passionate about EFT and other forms of energy tapping and would like to learn more about attracting more clients, I’d suggest taking a look at what this group is doing.  The link to each name takes you to their Twitter page and the bios are copied right from Twitter.  It would also be a good idea to check out their websites which is listed on the top right of their twitter page.

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BTW, if you or someone you know belongs on this list, feel free to send me a tweet.  I’m @PaulZelizer on Twitter.  Or you can send me an email.

In no particular order, here’s the list of the Top 30+ EFT/MTTer’s Who Tweet:

@EFTRadio, Eleanore Duyndam Bio Host-Producer of EFT Class on BlogTalkRadio – EFT and LOA Expert – Visionary using New Media for Social Transformation

@EmotionalEngine, Jade Barbee.  Bio: Love helping people heal and empower themselves, develop emotional awareness and find personal peace. EFT | Inner Theater practitioner

@EFTPraxis, Lynne Shaner.  Bio: Transformational maven, EFT Practitioner. I help biz peeps and pros clear blocks and create their best lives–with EFT and attraction principles.

@SerendipityJane, Lydia Proschinger Bio: I’m a human potential developer with a serendipitous approach, a single-mompreneur w/ a gift of teaching L.O.V.E. with EFT and LOA. Make yours a sparkling day!

@RebeccaMarina, Rebecca Marina.  Bio: EFT expert known for her divine voice for prosperity and blessed to be a channel for Mother God Azna.  Prosperity the easy, energy healing way.

@EFTDeb, Deborah Donndelinger.  Bio: Emotional Energy Coach: I help folks dramatically improve their lives through the skillful use of EFT and Family Energetics. Wife to Jim, mom to 3 great kids.

@ChipEFT, Chip Engelmann.  Bio: Lightworker, EFT/Meridian Tapping practitioner. Blocks removed on an energetic vibrational level, Author: Born Loser’s Guide to Abundance

@EFTSejual, Sejual Shah. Bio: EFT therapist and former antitrust lawyer specialising in resolving anxiety + depresssion, and improving career performance. LoA, catophile, and joyful soul.

@MiracleGoddess, Joann Skywatcher.  Bio: Spiritual Coach. I love INSPIRING & BEING inspired. Gifted. Intuitive. LoA. EFT/MTT. Founder: I Love My Body Teleclasses. MIRACLES phone sessions

@LorenFogelman, Loren Fogelman.  Bio: Mindset for Marketing Success, creating results based skills to master the marketing mindset. Receive my free ebook Tapping Into Emotional Freedom

@EFTCoachJane, Dr. Jane Mountrose.   Bio Author, EFT and Energy Healing Pioneer, Coach, devoted to helping people to realize their dreams, WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

@HolisticDrPhil, Phillip Mountrose.   Bio: Manifestation,  Author, Speaker, EFT, Energy Healing Pioneer, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Holistic Coach. Minister, Law of Attraction, LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU

@TappyBear, Till Schilling.  Bio: TappyBear man & EFT Practitioner.  My passion is to bring healing to all children, teach them while they are young. EFT is marvelous. Kids are so resilient.

@SerenityThruEFT, Pat Burns  Bio: EFT Practitioner & Reiki Master working with those who are seeking serenity in their lives.

@RevAnne1, Anne Presuel   Bio: Passionate @ the power of EFT, LOA and Affirmations – free gifts@ www.ThinkitBeitSeeit.com. Let’s Play!

@JanetHilts, Janet Hilts  Bio: I help consultants and coaches expand their reach by speaking with ease — and clearing other blocks to success — as a performance coach and EFT specialist

@SarahEFT, Sarah Holland  Bio: EFT practitioner and enthusiast! Author of ‘Overcoming Infertility with EFT’. Also pracitices Reflexology, and loves working with fertility and pregnancy issues

@EFTmama, Karen McLaughlin  Bio: Unschooling mom and Body Joy Coach. I help people with chronic illness, chronic pain and weight issues make peace with their bodies.

@PamelaBruner, Pamela Bruner   Bio: Success coach, helping peeps make a profit while making a difference, EFT Practitioner, Celtic harpist, hiker, collector of comfy business shoes

@GeneDavid, Gene Monterastelli  Bio: story teller, EFTer, learner, pilgrim

@EFTwithLinda, Linda Jones  Bio: EFT practitioner, mom of 2, wife, skiier, Nurse, tramper, sewer, cook, foodie, friend, supporter of organics and sustainable living practices.

@MeridianTapping, Brandy Oliver  Bio: Co-Founder of MTTProNetwork.com. Alternative Health & Wellness, Energy Medicine, Meridian Tapping (MTT, EFT, TFT, NET, WHEE) Pets, LOA, Nature, Healing

@AlchemistAnne, Anne Merkel  Bio: Conscious Transformation Coach Alchemist EFT Practitioner

@CreativeEFT, Betty Moore-Haftner  Bio: Enjoying life as a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, best job in the world!

@EFTSuzanne, Suzanne.  Bio: Passionate EFT Reiki Allergy Antidotes and Hypnosis holistic practitioner and author –  I follow you back!

@drnili, Dr. Nili Marcia. Bio: EFT, D.C., change enabler, weight loser, twitty ditty writer, enthusiastic life re-shaper; love science, TED, art, music, Abraham, ho’oponopono, cats and smiles

@GaryPWilliams, Hypno Gary Williams  Bio: Hypnotherapist, specialising in the Emotional Freedom Techniques and editor of the EFT World Magazine.Com

@EvesHealing, Shafiya Eve.  Bio: Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Coach. EFT phone sessions, Meditation, Energy book-cd. Healing the root cause.

@lifechanges_uk, Carrie Winfield.  Bio: EFT Practitioner, NLP Coach, Reiki, That Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage.

@EFTAlive, Stefan Gonick.  Bio: I am an expert EFT practitioner, trainer and love coach. It is my passion to help people have greater success in their love life, business, and life in general.

@EFTMaster, Loretta Sparks.  Bio: Certified EFT Master, EFTCert-Honors / President, American Academy of Psychotherapists / Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology / Educator / Author

@TashaAbudarham, Natasha Aburdarham.  Bio: My journey of self discovery took me to some dark places, LOA & EFT got me through it & now All is Well!

@TheTappingMan, Rod Sherwin.  Bio: Get 2 Free ebooks about using EFT for Stress, Anxiety, Panic when you subscribe to my newsletter at http://www.tap4health.com

@Swalkingtree, Sequia Warner.  Bio: Massage Therapist, Vibrational Medicine Coach, EFT – Healthy Body Image Coach, Teach Essential Oils Therapy, Reiki, YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/cm92b9

@LivDelicious, Helena Summer Medena.  Bio: Life lover. Troublemaker. EFT Coach. Charisma Expert. Aloha Girl living my Delicious life in Hawaii:-)

@EFT4ADD, Charlotte Kamman.  Bio: I teach children to cope with their ADD and ADHD by using EFT, and I’m loving every minute of it!

@PaulZelizer, Paul Zelizer.  Bio: I help spiritual people increase their success and joy. Why struggle? Let EFT, attraction principles, and web 2.0 support your success.
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Twitter allows EFT practitioners who want to attract more clients to learn from and connect with other practitioners who have more marketing experience.  You get to observe how others live their client attraction strategies.  It’s hard to imagine a more effective way to learn.  And you can’t beat the price – it’s free.