I just got off the phone with Chip Engelmann, an EFT and Law of Attraction Coach and a friend of mine.  In addition to planning an exciting teleclass series we’ll be offering soon, we also spoke about the most frequent request we both hear in terms of EFT for Abundance – that is “How do I know what to tap on?”   It got me thinking that about the need for a blog post that gives you some insight into how experienced EFTers help their clients zero in on specific abundance blocks.

Here’s the three best ways to help you know what to tap on when you’re using EFT for Abundance:

Abundance Blocks can feel like this

Abundance blocks can feel like The Great Wall

1) Using the Tailender Technique. In EFT language, your tailenders are the “Yeah, but ..” part of an affirmation.  In other words, they are like an industrial strength rubber band tied around your waist that holds you back from making progress towards what you want.  In the Using the Tailender Technique, you deliberate explore your tailenders and find the issues that need clearing by doing so.

Start by finding a clear money affirmation that is a) believable and b) exciting to you.  For instance, “I easily and consistently make $100,000 per year.”  Once you have your affirmation, take 3 deep breaths.  Notice how your body feels and what thought are going through your mind.  This is your baseline.

Now, say your affirmation out loud, “I easily and consistently make $100,000 per year.”  Notice what happens in your body.  Say it out loud again.  This time notice what thoughts go through your mind. The body sensations and thoughts that happen after you say the affirmation usually have the energy of constriction.  These are your tailenders, the things that block you from creating more abundance.

For a moment, I ask you to relax your resistance towards your tailenders.  Be willing to explore them.  What does that body sensation remind you of?  Who does that negative thought bring to mind?  Through a curious exploration of your tailenders, you can find the core issues that are limiting your ability to be more successful in an authentic way.  Once you know the core issues, you on them.

2) Clear by the Numbers. Chip Engelmann has developed a technique where he has clients explore their feelings about making different amounts of money.  In this approach, you start with an amount that feels comfortable to you.  For instance, suppose you currently earn $30,000 per year.  You would state, “I easily and consistently earn $30,000 per year.”  Then, you notice how that feels.  You keep increasing the amount until you notice some discomfort.  For instance, suppose $40,000 feels comfortable but you notice a feeling of “I don’t think so” when you say “I easily and consistently earn $50,000 per year.”   Explore that feeling of “I don’t think so”.  Notice where you feel it in your body and who it reminds you of.   Then tap on these issues.

3) Clearing your Money Matrix. My favorite way to find your blocks is Money Matrix work.  Your Money Matrix is the energetic web that determines your current relationship with money. It is a combination of the important feelings, beliefs and relationships that you have with money.  When we are not experiencing the kind of success that we want, it’s often because our Money Matrix is being influenced by negative energies.

Below is the simple 4 step exercise I use with clients to help them understand their current energetic relationship with money and to know what to tap on when applying EFT for abundance.  Here are the four steps:

  • Take 3 clearing and centering breaths. The purpose of this is to help you relax your system and increase your ability to be aware. With each breath, find yourself becoming a bit more relaxed and more of attention available in the present moment.
  • Imagine that you are in a room with money. It’s a simple room, comfortably furnished. Notice where money is in relationship to you. Is it to one side, in the front, outside the room, etc? Take a minute to notice what you what you see in your mind’s eye.
  • Notice who or what else is in the room with you. After you have a sense of who and what these presences are, notice where these other presences (people or things) are in relationship to you and to money. For instance, one client felt a 3 inch plate glass wall that was between her and money.  Notice what you what you see in your mind’s eye.
  • Notice the feelings in your body about your current Money Matrix. Your Money Matrix is encoded into the cells of your body.  Paying attention to the feeling in the snapshot you see is a powerful way to access your code. What do you notice in your body and on a feeling level as you view this picture in your mind’s eye?  Once you know what your current Money Matrix looks like, you can use EFT to clear what is in the way and allow money to come much more easily into your life.

It’s rare that a mechanical application of EFT leads to abundance results.  These three techniques about allow people who are new to EFT for abundance or haven’t yet seen the success they want to get a much better picture of what to tap on.  Because abundance is a whole lot easier to move towards without the Great Wall of China in the way.