Effective Marketing – A Choose Your Own Adventure Approach

Recently, I had the opportunity to present to a group of conscious entrepreneurs on the topic of how to grow their businesses without hype, manipulation or pretending you are richer than you are.

In it, I shared my “Choose Your Own Adventure” approach.  To sum it up, you make a very simple marketing plan – so it’s easy to stay with it and get good at what you’ve chosen.

There’s 4 elements to a successful marketing plan:

  1. Content. You need a place to do deeper dive.  Whether by blog, video, podcasts or articles, show people that you can guide them on the topics they need help with.
  2. Social media.  Yes, there’s a gazillion platforms out there.  And, if you know who you want to serve, you can find one they are concentrated on.
  3. Email.  Yes, email marketing is common.  And, it’s still one of the highest return marketing strategies.  There are few successful businesses in our sector that don’t have a newsletter.  Pick a frequency and go.
  4. Visibility strategy. You can be doing a great johttps://paulzelizer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/choose-your-own-adventure-marketing.jpgb of 1-3 above, but your business will still likely grow slowly.  It’s important to have a strategy that helps you get in front of new people who are good candidates to become paying clients.

That’s it.  Four categories.  Pick one in each column.  Commit to a minimum frequency.  Write it down and/or tell someone you trust to help hold you accountable.

And then build your ability to do the things you’ve selected well.  It’s simple.  And it works.