Ibrahim Lujaz

Credit: Ibrahim Lujaz

Over the past 2 months, the questions I’ve been asked the most have to do with depth and success.  Questions like:

  • Can I really have a thriving business doing the deep work I want to do?
  • Do I have to give up my depth in order to have a successful business?

Some People Will Run Away From Depth

Most of my work is in the personal development world – coaches, therapists, energy psychology practitioners and others in the business of helping people change their lives.

When it comes to marketing, this world emphasizes SPEED.  For instance, EFT founder Gary Craig was known for saying that it would deliver results so fast and powerful that “it will make your jaw drop.”

There will always be people who respond to this.  They don’t care about depth – they want instant change.  Yesterday.

Guess what happens when they hear your message of depth?  Nothing.  Or, they run screaming out of the room.  Either way, I encourage you not to spend your energy here.  They don’t want what you have.

Many People Are LONGING for Depth

The good news is there’s a whole other kind of person out there.  In fact, there’s hundreds of millions of them!  They are tired of the hype and the cookie cutter programs.  They are mature, thoughtful and ready to invest in what makes a difference.

There’s even more good news.  The depth people are willing to invest more money. For instance, while I was still chasing the instant results client, the average number of sessions in my business was 3.  Today, the average client in my business uses my services for more than a year and spends between 7-10 times more than the old days.

In other words, depth can be VERY good business.

3 Things You Need for Depth AND Success in Your Business

1) Create language that appeals to deep people. “This is the most AMAZING thing since toilet paper” doesn’t inspire the depth tribe.  They need to understand how the services you provide make their lives better.  It’s your job to give them this framework.  Bring both your humility and powers of specificity to this conversation.

2) Find where deep people hang out and join them. Remember the wisdom story about Muhammad and the mountain? The same applies here.  Find out where people who care about spirituality and the inner life hang out.  Go join them. Consider in person connections like spiritual communities as well as online networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

3) Help them before you ask them to buy anything. There is a turning point I see in all of my clients who create a successful business.  It happens when they pick 2-3 strategies and start consistently sharing useful information.  Regardless of the format (free presentations, blogging, video, etc),  sharing in this way allows deep people to get a sense of you and understand if your services can improve their lives.

What’s been your experience with depth and success?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions!  Please feel free to post them in the comments below.