In one of my Mastermind groups today, someone asked “How do you keep coming up with inspired content?”   In today’s economy, clients expect to be able to “try before you buy.”  In other words, they aren’t going to plunk down their money for your services until AFTER they have become inspired by your free blog post, newsletter, video or ebook.

Is your free content inspiring?

Is your content inspiring?

These free things that you offer to inspire someone into becoming a paying client are called content.  You only have to offer free content if you want paying clients. 😉

5 Tips for Creating Inspired Content

I assume if you’re still reading this that you: 1) want paying clients and 2) are open to offering great content.  The question becomes, how do you regularly come up with content that inspires people to say our 6 favorite words, “Do you have room for me?

When you put 6 vibrant spiritual people on a question like this, you get some high vibrational answers.  Thanks to the members of the Thursday Mastermind group for 5 Tips for Creating Inspired Content:

1) Increase the number of juicy connections in your life. Carolyn Myss said, “We evolve at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into.”  If you want to create highly attractive stuff, it’s a good idea to have plenty of affirming and creative people in your life.   Social media sites are one place to find LOTS of these kinds of connections.

2) Practice mindfulness in your everyday life. Reality check – a thriving conscious business doesn’t mean you only practice spirituality during business hours.  When you start appreciating your everyday life more, you will naturally start to notice inspiring imagery more often.

3) Believe that you have valuable things to share. There are things that you know that others don’t but want to.  Use your spirituals tools to clear the self-negating voices in your head that tell you that you don’t know enough.  As you clear these limiting messages, you’ll be able to share what you DO know in increasingly inspiring ways.

4) Use your FUN voice. For millennia, the best spiritual teachers have always had a sparkle in their eye.  Your prospective clients don’t want to hear from a mindless (or worse yet, grumpy) robot.  They want to hear from a unique, vibrant human being.  Preferably one wearing a smile.

5) Consciously eat inspired content by others. Almost every spiritual tradition counsels us to stop and appreciate before we eat.  With that same sacred intention, regularly find and enjoy tasty content that other people create.  Don’t limit yourself to only your field of interest – a diverse diet of sacred stuff is good for the soul.

Inspiration is a natural outgrowth of a strong  energetic foundation.  These 5 tips will support you in creating the kind of free content that will allow you to attract more business in a relaxed way.

I’d love to hear any additional tips or thoughts you have in the form of a comment below.  Thanks for reading!