Credit: H. Koppdelaney

Credit: H. Koppdelaney

Last night I returned home from a 10 day retreat.  Today, I noticed I was working in a more relaxed and aligned way than I had in some time.  For instance, I took 20 minutes to compose a heartfelt email answering a potential new client’s questions.  That’s longer than usual for me.  As I sent it off, I felt good about taking this step to create meaningful connection.

After 10 days away from my usual fast paced work life, I was able to see that I sometimes miss important opportunities because of feeling time scarcity.

Feeling rushed is the new normal

In our constantly connected world – with email, texting, social media and more – it’s easy to get into a chronic state of feeling like there’s not enough time.  Most of my clients come to me with this complaint.  Honestly, before my retreat, I was slipping back into this mindset myself.

For generations, spiritual teachers have taught that we can feel spacious around time.  And, one of the keys to shifting into this is through cultivating the attitude of patience.

But there’s just not enough time ..

Definition of Patience – quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care.

Though many people want to feel spacious around time, it can feel tricky in our modern world. I mean who has time for even-tempered care? I often hear people say things like:

  1. I have WAY too much to do
  2. I’m afraid I won’t get it all done
  3. Everyone around me is impatient
  4. I have too many responsibilities
  5. It won’t do any good

As long as you are going through life feeling impatient and like time is scarce, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing more opportunities to feel rushed and impatient.  Remember, the shift that you are longing for starts on the inside.

Here are some EFT setup phrases you can use to start creating more patience and time abundance in your life:

  • Even though this rushed feeling has become normal for me, I’m willing to acknowledge the impact it’s having on my life.
  • Even though I don’t know how to stop feeling so rushed and impatient, I choose to accept the situation I’m in anyway.
  • Even though I’m afraid I’m too busy to make any real change, I’m willing to be a bit kinder with myself.

Once you start to open more to the positive impact that patience can have on your success, you can use your EFT for abundance skills to help you create more of this feeling.  Use phrases like:

  • Even though in the past I used to think it was impossible to have more patience in my busy life,  I’m choosing to be more open to that possibility now.
  • Even though I used to think that time spaciousness was very difficult for me, I give myself
    permission to have more of it now.
  • Even though I got used to these feelings of rushed and impatient, I choosing to experiment with this feeling of more abundance.

In an economic climate where most people are vibrating impatience and the energy of being rushed, your vibration of even-tempered care will stand out in almost any field.  I invite you to experiment with this feeling of time abundance and to notice the effect it has on your financial abundance as well.

I would love to hear your experience with this.  Please feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the form of a comment below.