Quite a few clients are dealing with marketing fatigue or burnout lately. In this video for spiritual entrepreneurs and conscious business owners, I share 3 steps to help you navigate marketing fatigue.

The tips themselves are also written out in the text below in case you’d prefer to read them.

  1. Take a Pause.  Allow yourself to acknowledge the feelings.  See if writing, meditation or the process of inquiry can help you get in touch with the wisdom that the fatigue has for you.
  2. Return to the Power of One. Often when there’s a sense of fatigue, an entrepreneurs has energetically shifted to trying to address the issues of a large number of people (imagine a conference hall with 100’s or 1000’s of people).  Instead, allow yourself to bring one person to mind who’s dealing with issues you like to help people with.  She can be a former client, colleague, someone you know in your community, etc.
  3. Create something REAL for her/him.  After you’ve identified one person in Step #2, allow yourself to get really honest about what the change process would look like for him/her to shift their life.  Let yourself walk to speak more openly than you might typically in your marketing about what that change takes.

With these simple steps, I’ve seen quite a few clients who felt “burned out” when it comes to marketing find a more open and aligned relationship with it.