Credit: msandersmusic from Pixabay

When the COVID-19 crisis first hit, I saw a lot of conscious business owners begin offering free and low cost things.

Group meditations. Connection circles. Sharing experiences.

Now that it’s getting clear that we aren’t going to “go back to normal” – back to exactly the way things were – for some time, can we talk about your emotional, spiritual and financial sustainability?

I have deep compassion and respect for those who felt called to be of service in a time so many are suffering.

AND .. you can’t truly help others if you burn yourself out.

I see 3 similar themes for those that feel aligned to keep being of service:

  1. They help in a leveraged way – for example a group of people benefiting from a weekly call.
  2. They synch up with the rest of what you do in your business.
  3. They lead to at least some referrals in your paid offers.

An example from my business

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, I got very busy with clients and conscious business colleagues reaching out for support re: immediate decisions they were facing.

The work felt good, but I wanted to do more. To be helpful to those who weren’t in a position for my consulting (or just didn’t feel like that’s what they needed).

At first, I wasn’t sure what this looked like.  I thought about meditation circles.  A weekly free Q & A call. And more.

As I sat with this more, I realized I had been feeling called to take the Awarepreneurs Podcast from one episode a week to two.  I had things pretty well organized and about 50% of the time I published an episode, I got either a new client for my 1-1 or group work through or a new community member for the Awarepreneurs Community (memberships range from $10 to $250 per month).

Here was a way I could help that met the 3 criteria above.

So I spent a good portion of April building out the systems I would need to take the podcast to the next level.  A better system to track guests and topics.  Beefed up my backup system.  Implemented new strategies to find more world class guests.  Etc.

Now that it’s May, it’s live!

People are deeply appreciative. And it feels very sustainable to me.

Now I’m not advocating that the specific solution I landed on is the right one for you.  Not at all.

But I am asking …

Can I invite you to revisit sustainability in your conscious business?