The energy of connection is a powerful and attractive force. It’s something every conscious business can benefit from if we pay attention to how we use it.

Many conscious entrepreneurs are people who value introspection and contemplative time. But too much alone time can actually hurt your productivity and revenue.

In this video, I offer 4 strategies for overcoming isolation and bringing more of the dynamic energy of connection into your conscious business:

  1. Join a coworking space. The number of coworking spaces has grown rapidly around the world. You don’t have work in coworking space full time to get the benefit! I work about 40% of my work week at FreeRange in Albuquerque – but that energy infuses everything I do.
  2. Set up informal coworking opportunities. You can approach other entrepreneurs or professionals with flexible schedules to meet at coffee shops, business offices, or even someone’s home. Have each person bring a project to work on, share at the beginning about what your working on and then go to it!
  3.  Virtual coworking. Like #2 above, you can set up opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs and professionals – but in this case, you meet via Zoom, Skype or some other video conferencing. I’ve been doing this for years and it works great!
  4. Join a free or affordable online entrepreneurs community. There are thousands of entrepreneur communities on Facebook, Linked In and other platforms. For instance, I’m the founder of the Awarepreneurs Community. We have over 300 members and the basic membership is only $10 per month. ( A good community gives specific times and opportunties to connect with other entrepreneurs.

The energy of isolation is a very serious business issue. It will reduce your growth and opportunities. Instead, some simple awareness of the importance of connection and community and the willingness to seek out options that are right for your situation will go a long way to help your business grow and thrive!

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