Credit: Faith Goble

Credit: Faith Goble

Do you know how to torture spiritual people? A really good way is to give us the ability to transform people’s lives and then put us in the situation where we don’t have the opportunity to DO it very often.

This is the scenario many of you – skillful life coaches, therapists, EFT practitioners and other healers – have been telling me that you’re in. I’ve been there and can honestly say that it feels horrible!

This past month, I’ve had the exact opposite experience – more new contacts from people who would make wonderful clients than ever before. People who are SO ready to get to work and transform their businesses that I can only describe the feeling as “DELICIOUS!”

How to Get From Horrible to Delicious

2 years ago, I was doing all the right things – on the outside. I was putting out a newsletter, networking with other professionals, sharing my knowledge where potential clients gathered, etc.  Still, I was struggling and mostly working with clients who weren’t a great match.

I now realize I was doing all this mechanically. In other words, my full presence and love were in short supply.

One of the beautiful things about being in the personal growth field is that people don’t expect you to be a sophisticated marketer. What they want is to feel deeply connected with your heart and wisdom – BEFORE they ever decide to work with you.

Without that connection, you are likely to be stuck with either too few clients and/or clients who aren’t ready for the full transformation that you can facilitate.

If you have the ability to help people get unstuck and know how to shake someone’s hand, send an email and possibly have an account on Facebook, than you already have what you need to start building a thriving business.

The real question is this – can people feel your presence, love and wisdom?

How to Allow More Presence, Love and Wisdom

About 15 months ago, things started to shift in my business. I started finding clients who were committed as spiritual entrepreneurs rather than folks who were looking for a one session miracle.  My group coaching program stablized and started to grow (3 groups currently).  Clients began referring wonderful friends and colleagues.

I believe this change was due to two factors:

  1. Increasing the regular support in my life
  2. Using Business Energetics

I’ve been meeting with my Mastermind buddy, Sejual Shah, weekly for over 2 years.  Sejual and I have done some incredibly deep work together.  Part of the change in my business is a result.

The other thing that happened is that we developed Business Energetics.  For those of you not familiar with it, here’s a blog post.

Through the power of Business Energetics, I’ve become much more confident and relaxed about sharing my presence, wisdom and love.  I market LESS often and get better results.  For instance, I only send out a newsletter twice a month compared to weekly.  And I get over 5 times as many replies.

If you would like to learn how to use Business Energetics to help you attract more delicious clients, Sejual and I are offering a special series starting March 25th.  Click here to read more about the Business Energetics Campfire Series.

I’d love to hear more about your experience with attracting clients.  What has worked for you?  Where do you feel stuck? Please feel free to share in the form of a comment below.