Marketing often bring up strong feelings for conscious business owners. One entrepreneur I know earlier today called it a “neccessary evil”. Others immediately jump to the manipulative history of marketing (it’s true).The issue here is that these kinds of relationships with marketing don’t lead to you bringing your best, most empathetic, and creative self to the process.

So in this video I’d like to share 3 Tips to Finding a Calm & Centered Relationship with Marketing:

Here’s a summary of the main points in the video.

1) Give yourself permission NOT to be everywhere. The traditional entrepreneurial approach to marketing is to make it part of “the hustle’. I’ve literally heard it said from this persective that you should aim to “be everywhere.” That is, you should try to be on all the social platforms, blog, video, podcast, etc. While that might be a viable option for a large corporation with a big marketing budget, it’s not a viable option for the kinds of solopreneur and microbusinesses (less than 20 employees) I tend to work with. Give yourself permssion to NOT do the hustle.
2) Know your WHY. I wish deeply for every values based and mission driven entrepreneur to make a great living. The ripple effects when this happens are deep and profound – for the entrepreneur, her/his family, community, and the larger world. However, money is not usually a strong and lasting motivator to get really good at marketing. What’s a deeper purpose for your desire to have more people learn about your work? For me, it’s about BEING OF SERVICE. Helping more people grow a conscious business – even if any particular person never pays me a dime – has turned out to be highly motivating why for me.
3) Practice 1-2 things. Instead of trying to “be everywhere” (#1), I invite you to take an metaphor from the world of kayaking. When you are learning kayaking, you don’t immediately jump into the biggest, baddest white water rapid in the world. The first goal is a simple safety lesson on shore. Then fairly quickly a good kayak instructor wants to “get you into the water paddling”. Keep it simple and look for 1-2 things you can starting doing regularly. Treat them as a practice. Stay with them and you will build your skills.

In addition to the manipulative history of marketing, the main reason many conscious business owners struggle with marketing is they a) don’t have a compellling WHY and b) they try to do too much, too fast.

Slow down. Take a breath. Find your why. And then ease into the water and start paddling. That’s how you find your way into a calm and centered relationship with marketing.

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