As I rode my bicycle this crisp morning, I was feeling incredibly grateful.  There is so much goodness happening in my life. For instance, I recently got engaged!  And because both my business and Francesca’s are growing, we moved into a bigger house with plenty of space for both of our businesses.

smiling bike

I’m feeling fit, well-loved and successful.  And I appreciate this deeply because it hasn’t always been this way.

In fact, there was a time I was a pretty sure that I wasn’t ever going to be in good shape, have a successful business and be in a passionate relationship at the same time. While I wanted it all very much, I doubted that it was going to happen.

In EFT, we call these the “Yeah, buts ..” or tailenders.  I want to encourage you to be bold for a moment.  I want to you write down what you really want.  Let it rip!  What would your version of “having it all” be?  Write down your answer to:

I want to have it all and to me that means _______.

Take a moment to notice what you really want.  Feel what it would be like to live this way.

You have inside of you a part that is focused on keeping you safe.  And because going for what you want means stepping out of your comfort zone, this part gets nervous about big change. Here are a few common ones:

“Yes, but I don’t want to disappointed.”
“Yes, but I have to be realistic.”
“Yes, but I have been hurt before when I wanted something.”

You can have the lasting change you want if you are willing to learn more about what this part is afraid of.  What past hurts is it carrying?  What is it afraid will happen if you start to make progress towards what you really want?

Once you understand better, then you can use EFT much more effectively.  You can try setup phrases like:

“Even though I don’t want to be disappointed and so I haven’t made progress on what I really want, I accept myself anyway.”
“Even though I feel it’s unrealistic to want it all, I willing to treat myself with kindness and compassion anyway.”
“Even though I have been hurt before when I really wanted something, I choose to believe I can have what I want now.”

No matter how much we’d like to have something in our life, it’s not likely to happen if our vibration is doubt or pessimism.  Instead, use EFT on the doubt and you will natural see your energy start to shift. When it does, the path forward towards more of what you want will become much clearer.

I’d love to hear your experience with using EFT to clearing away doubt in the form of a comment below.