This post is for those of you who’ve been in business a number of years now. And who’ve created a business that is doing pretty well.

Lately, I’ve been blessed to work with a number of conscious business owners who’ve grown something significant. Something that you’re proud of in many ways. Something that’s helping people make progress in important areas of their lives.

But the problem is you feel stuck in certain ways. Patterns of feeling overwhelmed more than you want and not ever quite having enough time with those things that really make life fun and rewarding.

You know, like being in nature. And time with the ones you love. And quality food and exercise. The important stuff.

I’ve been having some honest conversations with business owners like you (I assume if you’re still reading this that you identify with this at least to some degree). We’ve been exploring 3 Strategies For When Your Business Has Grown & You Feel Overwhelmed:

  1. Simplify. This means to take stock of all that you are currently doing in your business and notice which are most profitable and aligned with your values. Consciously reduce or let go of the offerings that are less profitable and aligned.
  2. Scale. When you know what you’re good at, you can create systems that build on these strengths. You can grow the business for the purpose of getting more resources. You’re not just growing for growth sake. You’re growing with intent. This could be by increasing your group programs, creating a product, opening a new location. You then use these additional resources to do things like bring on skilled team members who can help the whole company run more smoothly while helping more people or invest in better technologies to help things run more smoothly.
  3. Sell. Some conscious business owners just aren’t wired to run the same business for year after year. They are wired to innovate, start new things, and create what’s not existed before. There is no shame in this. The term “serial entrepreneur” refers to a real phenomenon. In this case, it’s best to be honest about your own wiring. If this is you, you can focus on getting your business in shape to sell to someone who is wired for more ongoing management. And use the money from the sale to put yourself in a good position to create your next innovative and impactful venture.

With genuine self awareness about your wiring, goals and strengths, finding the right strategy for your situation will allow you to build on what you’ve started, increase your profitability AND allow you to increase your time for self-care and living a vibrant life.

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