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The real problem with that is self-esteem is only available when we succeed. But when we fail, self-esteem deserts us, which is precisely when we need it most. ~ Kristin Neff

Fail forward. Fail fast. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

If you hang out for any length of time in the entrepreneurial world, you are going to come face to face with business failure. It’s well known that the majority of new businesses fail.  And, when they do, the traditional advice feels a bit to me like “Don’t worry about it.  Dust yourself off and get back on the horse.”

My sense is that there’s a bit more skillfulness wanted.  When you have a business failure, it often has impact on multiple layers including financial, emotional, relational and spiritual.

While I don’t want people to get stuck in feeling like a failure, to expect an entrepreneur who’s had a significant business failure to just move ahead without acknowledging how difficult the experience is doesn’t feel reasonable.  So, I wrote this post and created the meditation to go along with it.

Self Compassion After a Business Failure

I recently have been reading Kristin Neff’s book, Self Compassion.  It’s a great book, one full of stories and research about how self compassion can help you live a happier and more connected life.  For instance, one of the studies shares how veterans with a higher capacity for self compassion experience less PTSD symptoms and have an easier time transitioning back into civilian life.

A light bulb went off in my head.  We need to be teaching entrepreneurs about self compassion more.

The potential for shame and self judgement when you have a business failure is very high.  So I decided to record a meditation for entrepreneurs who have experienced a business failure.  It helps you learn two common tools to cultivate self compassion.

This meditation for entrepreneurs is free and it’s called Self Compassion After a Business Failure.  It’s about 22 minutes long.  You can listen right on this page or download it for free below.

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DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: Self Compassion After a Business Failure Meditation