Have you ever gotten a newsletter or watched a video from a business or marketing coach who is excitedly sharing about a new approach to grow your business?

Here’s how it often goes.  There’s a coach you’ve been aware of – even just a little – who suddenly seems very passionate about a particular strategy.  They send out a newsletter or post a video about something you’re not yet doing to grow your business.

They are so genuinely enthusiastic and have great examples of clients who grow their business with this approach, that some part of you starts to get THAT feeling.  The feeling that if you only were to have this implemented in your business … things would be different.

I don’t think anyone in this industry wakes up in the morning thinking about how to increase your stress.  Nevertheless, I do see a dynamic in the sector as a whole that I don’t think is helpful.  As someone who’s very dedicated to supporting you to create sustainable growth, I wanted to name a dynamic that I don’t think is helpful.  In this post, it’s my intent to share these observations so you can better take care of yourself and create systems that are a good fit for your needs.

3 Ways Business Coaches Unintentionally Contribute to Stress

Again, I don’t believe it’s anyone’s intentions to cause stress to their clients or anyone else.  And yet, as a whole, I do believe this sector often does contribute to tension and challenges.   Here’s the 3 most common ways I’ve seen this happen:

  1. Constantly changing recommendations. As human beings, it’s easy to get caught up in “shiny object syndrome”.  That is, that there’s some new thing that will help us make rapid progress in an area we’re really wanting to see change in.   This can happen whether we’re talking improving our fitness, deepening our relationship, or growing our business. With business coaching, the way this looks is a coach can come to depend on constantly bringing new approaches to her/his audience.   The reason for this is it becomes a big part of their business model.  Here’s how it works.  A coach shares excitedly about Facebook ads and offers a product or service.  People buy for awhile based on that enthusiasm.  The problem is that at this point many in the coaching space then move on to singing the praises of the next shiny object.
  2. Overly expensive solutions.  Many highly visible business coaches are used to charging premium rates.  If you charge $10,000’s or $100,000’s per year for coaching (not uncommon), you need your clients to have fairly rapid growth to 6 or 7 figure revenue in the business to justify your fees.   This means the coach has to advocate for more polished and expensive solutions.  The resources for this often come from places like financial support from well established family members and significant savings from previous positions (for example, someone who previously worked in a leadership position in another field).  If you’re someone who’s better suited for a more organic approach to growth, there’s a built in pressure to encourage you to go in another direction.
  3. Unrealistic content expectations.  Most business and marketing coaches would agree that having valuable content go out in a regular way is an important part of growing a business in realities of today’s marketplace.  However, there’s a wide range of recommendations of how many platforms and the frequency to post on these. For a variety of reasons mentioned above, I believe that many coaches encourage their clients to post on multiple platforms at a high frequency.  When you add them all together, the total marketing activities per month being advocated for can easily total several dozen to over 100 per month.   It’s not aligned or sustainable for many conscious business owners.

What to Do Instead of Being Stressed

In this post, I’ve focused on helping you understand WHY many business and marketing coaches are often doing things that are unintentionally contributing to stress for their clients and followers.   It’s beyond this post to go into all the details of how I recommend growing a business in a sustainable and easeful way. I share how I help my clients learn to do this in my newsletter and on my Facebook page.   I invite you sign up or like my page to explore in more detail.