View from our new living room

Sometimes you just have to stop and say “WOW!”

About five years ago, I moved to Santa Fe.  I was broke and broken hearted after a painful divorce process.  The only place I could afford was a dark, efficiency apartment.  It was embarrassing to have people over.  My business was fairly new and I was working hard to attract clients at $80 a session …

This Saturday, we move into our new home.  It’s a solar house so it’s very bright.  It has a gorgeous sunroom for Francesca’s office (she always said her ideal office would have “lots of light”), a sweet office for me, and a remodeled garage for the home gym I’ve been wanting.  And the gardens … I feel like we won the lottery!  🙂

Growing a Thriving Business Through Appreciative Inquiry

The reason I can afford this wonderful home is my business is doing very well.  I have 3 mastermind groups full of delicious clients.  My individual coaching roster is vibrant and I make much more than $80 per session.  Interesting special projects keep showing up – like consulting on spiritual entrepreneur’s websites  and social marketing campaigns.

When I look at what I actually do in my work with clients, at least 70% of it is different than 5 years ago.  And this shift happened largely due to a business consulting model called Appreciative Inquiry.

Expand Your Business Through 2 Powerful Questions

On the surface, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) looks a bit too simple to be effective.  Yet it’s been used to increase profits and efficiency at some of the most powerful organizations in the world – including Walmart, The United Nations and The Girl Scouts of America.

The 2 basic questions of AI are:

  1. What’s going well?
  2. What do you want to do more of?

How Appreciative Inquiry Transformed My Business

Going deep with these questions has brought more profit, ease and FUN into my business.  By going deep, I mean sitting with them through time.  And being willing to grow in order to be the person necessary who can “do more of” something I’ve identified as being helpful.

For example, when I first started my business, I only did mindset work.  Specifically, I was using EFT and other energy psychology tools to help clear blocks to increased success.

As I worked with my clients, many of whom were coaches, therapists and healers, I noticed that as they cleared their inner blocks they often ran into questions about marketing their businesses.  And they felt I understood the deep dynamics of their businesses better than many traditional marketing consultants.

Noticing this positive feedback, I consciously grew my marketing skills.  I took classes, read books and subscribed to blogs.  Today the combination of inner mindset work and outer social marketing consulting means my average clients stays in my business from 18-24 months (instead of 3 months five years ago).  This shift changed everything!

How about your business – what is one area that’s going well?  What’s one thing you might want to do more of?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the form of a comment below.