Credit: Andrew E. Larsen

Have you ever noticed how things often come in waves?  Lately, I’ve had a wave of clients who’ve been called to share more deeply in their marketing.  It’s been a pleasure to help them work through any fears about “Can I really do this?’ and find ways to do so that are effective, authentic and exciting.

For instance, check out this selection from a blog post from my clients Sean Tebor and Margi Halgon, owners of Center Yoga:

By changing the ‘model’ we opened with we have managed to refocus on what is most vital. Instead of a virtual buffet of modes of practice offered at Center, we are getting back to the juicy essence and creativity of a more synergistic, clarified and focused practice. That is what we need to bring to you, to share with you, and this foundation sets the stage for deeper and deeper ways to practice.”

Will it Really Work?

Most spirit based business owners long for depth.  It’s the stuff that creates the juicy conversations and passionate gatherings in spiritual communities around the world.

And yet, depth is not high on the list of most business guru’s priorities.  So it’s not surprising that one thing consistently pops up when people hear the words depth and marketing in the same sentence.  DOUBT.  

Rather than beat yourself up for feeling it, I encourage you to acknowledge and explore the doubts you might have about bringing more depth into your marketing.  It’s awfully difficult to create something juicy and effective if unexplored doubt is running the show.  If doubt has more fingers on the steering wheel than you want, tools like EFT can really help.  🙂

Go Deep.  Apply Gently.

Once you’ve gotten clearer if doubt is preventing you from seeing opportunities, it’s helpful to become more aware of how much depth is a good fit for your business.  Some questions that might help you do this are:

  1. On a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 10 (strongly agree), how much would people who know you well say: “This is a person who lives life deeply”?
  2. If someone had never met you before and the only thing they had to go on was what’s visible to the public (website, social media, newsletters, etc), how much would they expect you to use words like wisdom, meaning, archetypes and spirituality?
  3. How strongly do your clients believe that paying attention to core issues is important to get the results that they want?

Questions like these can help you tune into what level of sharing is right for you and the clients you serve.

Once you’re clearer about this on a feeling level, start to play with ways to bring more of this into every communication you create.  Imagine what would happen in your business if people FELT the deep power of what you offer in every phone call, email, Facebook post, blog, etc.  That’s exactly what I’m inviting you – and giving you permission – to do.

What do you do to incorporate depth into your marketing?  What questions do you have about how to bring more of it into your communications?  I’d love to hear your experiences and questions in the form of a comment below!