A slight shift can lead to a BIG change …

Last newsletter, I shared with you about how I’m making a shift in my business.  The WHY of the change is to spend more time in nature as well as with people I love.  For instance, this picture is my girlfriend Andrea and I on a hike during a recent trip to the mountains of Colorado.  This time in nature really nurtures me.

As result of this recent video on how traditional models of entrepreneurship and marketing can hurt your well being, I’ve had a number profound conversations with clients and colleagues about more sustainable and enjoyable ways to grow a business.  For instance, one of the changes I’ve made and am teaching to my clients is doing more small spend (like $1 per day) Facebook ads .  This strategy means you can spend less time marketing (Facebook does some of the lifting for you).  You get to spend more time doing the work you love – helping clients change their lives – as well as doing the things that feed your soul.

Support to Shift Your Business

If you’ve been feeling like there must be a more easeful way to grow your business and you’d like to explore what I’ve developed to help my clients do this, I’m looking at starting another Mastermind Group this fall.  It will be at the Early Development level.  It will meet every week and never have more than 6 member.  The cost is $200 per month for a group and that includes a private Facebook group for continuous support between meetings.

Email me if you’d like more information.


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