It happened again the other day. A woman called me – let’s call her Laura. Laura is a spiritual woman who has tried a number of ways to find success. She’s worked for purpose driven companies as well as started her own business. She’s also tried different abundance programs. She said, “I don’t understand it. I’m a smart person. I have lots of experience. I don’t understand why I’m still living month-to-month at this stage of my life.”

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Better relationships = more money

It’s hard to increase your success when you think of money as just a colored piece of paper. Smart success seekers understand that money always comes to us through relationships. It’s a symbol we agree to use to express how much value we are providing to the people around us. One of the best ways to improve your income is to increase the number of quality relationships in your life.

Successful business people throughout the ages have known about the power of networking. In fact, groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International teach that this is among the most powerful success tool there is.

The problem with most people’s approach is that it leaves out an understanding of mindset. Most people don’t get much from their attempts to increase their network (online or off) because inside they are asking questions like, “how can this person help me make money?”

Imagine you are a prospective client talking with someone you are considering doing business with. What do you feel in your body when the primary question in the person’s mind is “How can you help me make more money?” My first response is “Yuck, get me out of here!”

In order to experience an authentic increase in success, you need 4 kinds of relationships. They are:

  1. Centered relationship with your Self
  2. Flowing relationship with money
  3. Purpose-driven relationship with clients/customers
  4. Co-creative relationships with colleagues

Energy psychology tools, like EFT and Money Matrix, allow you to easily develop these four neccessary relationships for success. To help you learn how to do this, I’m doing a FREE teleclass on Sunday, August 30th at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. It’s called The Heart of Success: Money Matrix and the 4 Kinds of Relationships You Need to Succeed.

In today’s economy, if you are connected then you are valuable. With email, cell phones, social networking sites and other forms of technology, it’s easier to connect than ever. It’s your thoughts, feelings and behaviors – your Money Matrix – that determines whether or not these connections are a source of support and success. I’m offering this FREE class because I want you to know how to increase your success through the power of relationships.

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