Credit: Leigh Wolf

Credit: Leigh Wolf

Did you know that under ideal conditions, an asparagus plant can grow 10 inches in less than 24 hours?  And, a well prepared asparagus bed can produce for over 15 years without being replanted.

I’ve been hearing from quite a few of you lately – healers and other spirit based business owners – who want to grow a full practice. Specifically you have told me that:

  • You don’t have time or money to waste on something that doesn’t bring a significant increase in income.
  • You’re open to doing deep work and you want to see results.
  • You want something that is sustainable, meaning you don’t need to baby it daily.

I’d like to share with you why I think asparagus is the perfect business model for someone in your shoes.

What Asparagus Teaches About Business

When most people see asparagus – or anything else for that matter – growing in garden, what they notice is what shows ABOVE ground. They marvel at the luscious lettuce, delight at the vibrant sunflowers, and drool over the juciy apples hanging from the branch.

But someone who’s passionate about gardening looks in an entirely different location.  The master knows that the real action in a garden is what’s happening BELOW the surface.

And asparagus – being a deep rooted plant that grows in the same place for many years – needs very well prepared soil.  In fact, most experts recommend preparing the soil at least 2 feet deep.

McDonalds Doesn’t Serve Soul Food

Suppose you have a delicious plate of sauteed asparagus drizzled with virgin olive oil and sprinkled with a little sea salt.  Where would you go to sell it?  McDonalds?  The local donut shop?

Of course not!

Business is similar.  In order to attract awesome clients, the kind that sincerely appreciate what you do and commit to the full transformation that your skills can bring about, you need to bring your soul food to the right people.  It’s also important to be able to connect with them in a meaningful way.

How to Connect With Awesome Clients – BEFORE You’ve Even Met

Get a spiritual healer in a room with someone who needs their help and the magic tends to flow from there.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch.  The place most spiritual people get stuck in their businesses is just about everything leading up to that meeting with a client.

For those of you ready for a different experience in terms of attracting awesome clients, I highly recommend Business Energetics.  It’s the energy psychology tool I use most often both for growing my own business and for working with my clients.  It’s an asparagus bed preparer for spirit based businesses.  😉

Starting this Friday, Sejual Shah and I are offering a 3 session Business Energetics Series.  I invite you to join us in this fun and soulful experience.  But, only come if you’re ready for LOTS more wonderful clients.

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!!