Photo credit: Melody Campbell

Photo credit: Melody Campbell

I’m sitting at my desk with a big smile on my face.  I’m smiling because on my office wall is a dry erase board with my one page business plan for 2011.  It includes at least 2 exciting new group and several new workshop programs.  For me, 2011 is about helping more people, having more fun and making more money.

(insert your favorite celebration music here)

I’m assuming if you’re reading this that you’d also like more fun, meaning and money in your life in 2011.  So, the first place I want you start is by exploring your opportunities to make more money.  I invite you to write down the options you see.

(insert your favorite task music here)

Look over your list.  Pay particular attention to how you are feeling when you look at your list.

In today’s economy, most people are in what scientists call the “stress response” around money.  When your nervous system is in stress mode, you don’t have access to the most inspired and creative part of your brain.

But there aren’t any great opportunities for me because ..

Though it makes sense that stress gets in the way of seeing your best opportunities, I often hear the following reasons (or excuses) why things can’t change:

  1. “I don’t have the right degree or resources to do what I want”
  2. “I can’t think of any good opportunities”
  3. “The economy is terrible”
  4. “All the good opportunities are taken”

As long as this is your self talk, you will keep reinforcing the stress patterns and limiting your ability to see the best opportunities.  Since you deserve a life of success and meaning, I invite you to get out your EFT skills and use setup phrases like:

  • Even though I’m afraid seeing my opportunities won’t do any good, I’m willing to be kinder to myself anyway.
  • Even though I don’t have the right degree or resources to do what I want, I acknowledge these feelings anyway.
  • Even though it’s hard to imagine there are good opportunities in this economy, I choose to accept my situation.

Once you start clearing the blocks, you can use your EFT for abundance skills to help you shift into your full creativity.  Use setup phrases like these:

  • Even though in the past I didn’t see great opportunities for me, I’m choosing to be more open to the possibilities now now.
  • Even though I used to think I didn’t have what I needed, I give myself permission to think of opportunities that use the resources I do have.
  • Even though I used to believe all the good opportunities were taken, I choose to explore ways I could create exciting possibilities now.

Keep tapping and let yourself enjoy the process of exploring your opportunities with all your creativity and power.