Credit: D. Basu

Credit: D. Basu

There is a saying in the personal development world – the course (or retreat) starts when you commit to go on it.  As some of you who are connected with me on social media know, on Monday I’m going to be starting a 10-day retreat.

Already this week, I’ve been reflecting more than usual.  I’ve been especially thinking about 2 questions. They are:

  1. What the heck happened to create this wonderful year of growth in my business?
  2. How can I help others who want more success to learn from this?

Appreciation is like Rocket Fuel

We are in the midst of a global recession. Many coaches are struggling. Some very good ones I know gave up this year. Yet, my business grew to 3 thriving Mastermind groups and a roster of awesome, ongoing individual clients. And there’s even more good stuff on the way for 2011.

A traditional business coach would look at what happened and say things like “You did a major upgrade on your website” and “You improved your copywriting skills.”  While I do think these helped, I don’t think that’s the major reason.  For instance, I consulted with one woman this year who spent over $12,000 on a very fancy website – much slicker than mine – that never brought her a client.

The real secret to my increased success is that I made a decision to vibrate appreciation much more frequently.

Get Specific About Appreciation

I’m not the first Law of Attraction knowledgeable coach to talk about appreciation as a business builder.  But one of the things I’ve done differently is follow the EFT guideline of “Get Specific” when it comes to incorporating appreciation into my business.   Here are 3 Specific Ways to Turbocharge Your Success with Appreciation:

1) Look for opportunities to appreciate your individual clients. You don’t have to be forceful or artificial about this.  Just have your radar tuned for when a client makes a shift – even a small one.  Then say something authentic. Over time, this positive energy will build momentum for the changes they came to you to make.

2) Appreciate whole groups for their strengths. In one of my Mastermind groups, we recently had a situation where someone entered and left quickly because it wasn’t a good fit.  After the dust settled, I appreciate how the group members handled this.  After a year together, this group culture is an awesome healing environment.  A few words of appreciation helped the members to recenter and connect deeper than ever.

3) Don’t just appreciate your paying clients or customers. Many people only think to appreciate their paying clients/customers.  One of the important things I have done differently in 2010 is start appreciating people who are NOT paying clients as well as those who are. I do this through interactions on Facebook and Twitter, appreciating people who comment on my blog, and incorporating the vibration of appreciation in to my newsletter.  People have been increasingly noticing and commenting on this.

I appreciate you!

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the US, I want to say how grateful I am to know you.  If we’ve had the opportunity to connect, I look forward to deepening that connection in 2011.  And, if we haven’t yet connected personally, I invite you to comment on this post or to connect on Facebook.

With much appreciation!