We wanted to give you a gentle reminder that our online course, Grow Your Wellness Business with Airbnb Experiences, starts tomorrow.

We just got word that another wonderful wellness provider signed up. It’s going to be a great group!

Airbnb Experiences are now being offered in over 1000 locations around the world and they are growing rapidly. In fact, the company is so happy with the growth that they are “doubling down” on the program. And some of the most well loved and profitable Experiences are those in the Health & Wellness category.

As a wellness provider, a well crafted offering on Airbnb means you will get to:

  • Work with motivated clients who pay upfront
  • Grow your business without additional expenses
  • Enjoy having Airbnb do the marketing for you
  • and much more.

Our class Grow Your Wellness Business with Airbnb Experiences starts tomorrow. It’s specially designed for wellness providers to help you launch and start getting traction with an Experience by the end of September.

We’ve learned some important strategies from the combination of offering Airbnb wellness experiences, talking to many other Experience hosts and LOTS of research. This class is designed to put that knowledge and experience to work for YOU.

Come join the fun and let’s get you paying guests through Airbnb Experiences!

Class starts Thursday, September 5th and runs through September 26th.

More info at: www.hostyourexperience.com