The Situation

One of the things that many in the conscious business world don’t want to talk about (which pretty much guarantees that I’ll want to 😃) is the large numbers in our ranks who are “accidental entrepreneurs”.

Many in our sector come to entrepreneurship because:

  • We lose the ability to skillfully navigate or tolerate the political dynamics in many large organizations.
  • We run into the realities of ageism, sexism, racism, heterosexism, etc and just can’t continue to pretend it’s OK.
  • We stay with our personal and/or spiritual development and have our eyes opened to things that the company/organization is doing that we aren’t OK with.
  • We start to feel like the narrative about what the organization’s mission is and the day to day work we see going on aren’t aligned and don’t feel like there’s room to talk about it.

All of these are important and often poignant factors. And leaving a workplace because of them doesn’t mean we are well prepared to be successful entrepreneurs ready to take care of ourselves financially, emotionally and spiritually.

The Solution

If you find yourself in a situation where your path to entrepreneurship wasn’t a smooth, long arc, well planned process, that’s OK.  Know that you’re not alone – it’s quite common.

AND … it’s important that you own this is now your livelihood. However you got here, I encourage you to be deliberate about your journey going forward.  Here’s 5 Suggestions for the Accidental Entrepreneur in the Conscious Business Space:

  1. Acknowledge and get support for the feelings.  Any of the scenarios I describe above come with emotions.  Strong ones.  It’s very hard to grow a transformational business from an angry, fearful or bitter place.  Find a place you feel safe – therapists and career coaches are specifically trained for this – to work through the emotions if they are holding you back.
  2. Define what you are for, not what you are against. A wise friend of mine once pointed out to me how many conscious entrepreneurs and social impact founders are, in their hearts, working against something.  Against dysfunctional relationships, the ravages of unconscious capitalism, etc.  However, most people who hire a coach, consultant or healer want to move towards something.  Be clear about the changes you help people make.
  3. Make a decision to “turn pro”. Steven Pressfield wrote the book Turning Pro – it’s a great resource. However you came to the conscious business world, I encourage you to acknowledge this is your livelihood now.  Create the mindset of a professional.
  4. Get help from people familiar with the conscious business space.  There’s 2 common mistakes I see when accidental entrepreneurs are starting their businesses.  Some don’t get help at all – trying to do everything themselves without any informed input. Others sign up for a high end (I’m talking programs that cost $25,000, $50,000 or more) business coaching program. I strongly encourage you to get help with understanding who your ideal client is, what you are offering that person and how you are going to get your offerings in front of them.  There are a variety of affordable ways to do this – for instance, my mastermind groups for conscious entrepreneurs are $225 per month.
  5. Network with experienced professionals. One of the things I see many new conscious entrepreneurs do is to “clump together” with other new conscious entrepreneurs.  Now, it can be very comforting to have people around who are also going through the ups and downs of launching a conscious business. The problem comes when you spend all of your networking time with people who don’t have many paying clients.  There are skills and a mindset that people with a full time business have learned.  Make it point to develop your relationships with experienced professionals in the conscious business space.

What would help you?

However you came to this conscious entrepreneur journey that you are on, I welcome you.  I’m honored to be in community with you!  And, I’m dedicated to serving this community.  What questions do you have about growing your business into a profitable and sustainable one?  I’d love to hear them in the form of a comment below.