A Business That Fits You. 

Author, researcher and thought leader Brené Brown recently announced that she signed an exclusive – and very lucrative – deal with Spotify for her podcast. Here’s the backstory.

After seeing Michelle Obama and Esther Perel sign similar deals with Spotify, Brené realized she wasn’t interested in building a large business. She recalls saying, “I am a researcher, I’m a teacher, and not only do I want to do this work, I want to live this work. I don’t want to come into my office one day and have 300 people here. I want to make content.”

Here’s the full article.

What caught my attention most about this article is not that she is diving deeper into the podcast world (though I certainly can relate, having doubled down on my podcast back in May).

To me, the most important decision Brené made is to grow her business in a way that fits her. She doesn’t want a big office with 300 people. She wants to “live her work”. If you’ve ever heard Brené speak or read one of her books, you know how incredibly relational she is. A deep dive podcast (a recent episode is 78 minutes long) just makes sense.

Yesterday, I was leading a Masterclass for the Awarepreneurs Community. Seeing the faces of the amazing folks on the call, it felt SO good. I was aware of how the role weaves together so much of who I am and what my values are. 

So today I write to you to remind you what’s possible. I hold in my heart a version of your business that’s custom crafted for your purpose, your core values, and your experiences.

It’s a very sacred gift to work in that context. 

With love,