Twitter is one of my favorite marketing tools for spiritual people.  Why? Because a) there are so many positive people on the network and b) it’s easier for your message to spread on Twitter, through the power of the “retweet”, than on any other social media.

As a spiritual person, here’s seven keys to success:

1) Focus on the Positive. People on Twitter are a positive bunch.  Nothing will get you ignored faster than negativity (except constantly trying to sell something to people who don’t know you).  While it’s fine to talk about a bad day once in a while, make a deliberate choice to focus your Tweets on the positive side of the force.

2) Create Synergy. Wise Twitter users are always looking to make connections.   Introducing people who don’t know each other but should is a great way to both be of service and build one of the highest forms of social equity.

3) Practice Tweet Haiku. Just like Haiku emphasizes the mindful use of short poems, be mindful about what you are tweeting.  There is lots of noise on Twitter.  A clear stream of tweets with a solid theme will help you earn a reputation as a being someone to know in your niche.

4) Don’t Try too Hard.  There is a Zen story about the eager martial arts student who comes to the world reknown karate master and says, “If I study every day with you and practice hard, how long will it take me to master karate?”  And the master says, “10 years.”   The student then asks, “And if I study twice a day and practice even harder, how long will it take?”  And the master says, “20 years.”   Trying too hard to be a guru or to help everyone, is a turn off.  Show up, be authentic and have fun.

5) Practice daily. Most spiritual traditions emphasize the need for daily practice for true benefits.  Twitter is the same way.  Commit to practicing each day.  A good start is 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes either at lunch or the end of the workday.

6) Do Onto Others. Like most spiritual paths, social media is about connection and service.  It’s fine to want to increase your business opportunities.  But if the only reason you’re on Twitter is to sell more stuff, you’re missing the point.   Successful social media stars help others more often then they market.

7) Look for Opportunities to Deepen Relationships. Life is bigger than 140 characters.   Smart spiritual entrepreneurs use Twitter as way to start deeper relationships.  Check out a Tweetup or pick up the phone and have a networking conversation with someone who seems interesting.

Practicing these keys will help demystify Twitter and allow you to grow your business.  And, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised to find Twitter helps you grow spiritually as much as it increases your success.