penguin christmas

Credit: Anonymous on Flickr

It’s snowing here in New Mexico as I write this and I could easily go on about the power of the season that is upon us.  But, I know that you are busy. So, I’ll just say 7 important words:

Thank you. It has been a joy to share with you and learn from you about innovative ways to grow success and meaning.

I’m sorry. During this year’s growth, I was overwhelmed at times.  If you tried to connect and didn’t get a fully present response, I’m very sorry. The good news is I’ve worked through those overwhelm patterns and have never felt more present.

I appreciate you. During 2010, I got to know many of you better. I am deeply impressed with your level of commitment to making the world a better place while increasing your success.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!

With much love,


Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of conscious and social impact entrepreneurs. In addition to marketing, social impact, mindful leadership and values based business, Paul is passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountain high country, yoga & fitness, dark chocolate, and poetry. He lives near Santa Fe, New Mexico.