“Paul, you should introduce me to ____ (one of the highest profile people I know).” 

“Paul, I don’t like an interaction that happened on the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group and you should intervene.”  

“Paul, something you said in a newsletter activated strong feelings and I want to process them with you.”

We increasing live in what marketing guru Seth Godin calls an “attention economy“.  In other words, entrepreneurs and businesses who know how to effectively get on the radar of busy people are the ones that are thriving.

While many teach the mechanical strategies for increasing visibility, very few look deeply at the HUMAN realities.   As your visibility grows, you will be dealing with more matters of the human heart.  And, due to your sensitive nature, many spiritual entrepreneurs are wary of this increased exposure to human emotion and complexity.

As you grow the visibility in your business, your ability to set boundaries and practice self-care also needs to increase. [TWEET THIS]

That’s what this post is fundamentally about …

Why Spiritual Entrepreneurs Struggle With Visibility

There’s a constellation of visibility issues that often stops spiritual entrepreneurs in their tracks.  They are:

  • You see everyone as sacred.  Spiritual entrepreneurs have this funny habit – you see every human as valuable and worthy of love.  :)  Part of you is afraid you’ll stop caring for each human being if you start getting popular.
  • Sensitivity issues.  Doing the work you do requires a certain ability to notice energy and nuances.   So, there’s a much higher percentage of people on the highly sensitive end of the spectrum in the spiritual entrepreneur community.
  • It can increase complexity.  You value ease and simplicity.  Without skillful management, increased visibility can bring unwanted complexity.
  • History of abuse of power.  “With great power comes great responsibility.”  Voltaire said this.   A large number of spiritual leaders have used their power in unethical and hurtful ways.  You don’t want to be unskillful.
  • Fear of losing time for your own practice.  Without deliberate attention, there can be a dynamic where as your spiritual business grows, you have less time to actually spend on your own spiritual practices.

When these concerns are operating, they can add up to a really uneasy relationship with visibility and an underpowered business is the natural result.

5 Tips for Maintaining Serenity as Your Visibility Grows

Fortunately, visibility doesn’t have to be a complicated, draining and time wasting experience.   Learning to skillfully handle more visibility will bring you wonderful new opportunities, more money and that incredible feeling in your heart of helping more people transform their lives.

Here are 5 Tips for Maintaining Serenity as Your Visibility Grows:

  1. Define your WHY.  There are a variety of reasons spiritual entrepreneurs seek to increase their visibility.   Some work for long term traction and others don’t.   In his viral Ted Talk, leadership expert Simon Sinek asks us to know WHY we are doing something.  Having a good reason WHY you want more visibility makes for a much smoother ride.
  2. Dive deeper in your spiritual practice.  Every interaction has an energetic component.   Seeing this quickly and easily is an incredibly helpful skill as a more visible spiritual entrepreneur.   That’s hard to do if you are often triggered, closed down or off center.  Start your new relationship with visibility by bringing a centered YOU.  Spiritual practices are the best way I know how to do that.
  3. Welcome the learnings.   In his poem The Guest House, Rumi encourages us to “Welcome and entertain them all!”  Upleveling your visibility is guaranteed to bring up issues – both for yourself and those around you.  Accepting that it’s a growth process and opening your heart to the learning makes for an easier and more fruitful journey.
  4. Give in leveraged ways.  Smart entrepreneurial leaders learn how to leverage their time.  For instance, recently a spiritual entrepreneur asked me to donate a session about marketing a social benefit project.  I told her that I focus my service time on building the Wisdompreneurs community – a tribe that includes dozens of conscious marketing consultants.  I invited her to post there.
  5. Expand beyond connecting 1-1.  Many spiritual entrepreneurs have an unexamined belief that the only valid way to connect is individually.  Another option is to learn the skill of open hearted connecting at group events.   This way, more people get an experience of you in the same time period.

What’s Your Experience With Visibility?

The only “wrong” way to do your relationship with visibility is one that limits you from living the life you want and creating the business of your dreams.  And, if you do decide to allow yourself to be more visible, there are a variety of ways to skillfully manage it.

I’d love to hear what your current relationship with visibility is like.   And I’d especially love to hear how other spiritual entrepreneurs who have said “YES!” to a conscious relationship with being visible handle some of the dynamics that come with it.   I look forward to your share in the form of a comment below.