family tree

Last week, I posted the following to Facebook:

After ‘avoiding the issue forever’, a new client is inspired to do a financial family history.  Her intro to Money Matrix allowed her to see the intergenerational patterns and the light bulbs starting going off why money has been such a struggle for her.  Have you ever thought about how your family history is effecting your money situation?”

A great conversation took place and a number of people asked me for more information.  When more than one person asks you a question, it’s helpful to create a blog post, video, or other resource (are you listening coaches who want to grow your practice?) 😉

Here are the 4 Steps to Identifying Limiting Money Beliefs from Your Family:

1) Acknowledge your ancestors for doing the best they knew how. Every family has a history around money including challenges and success. Your ancestral Money Matrix will be more accessible if you appreciate your ancestors for doing the best they could.  You are here now because the ones that came before found a way to survive in the world – including whatever they did to make money.

2) Draw your money family tree. A genogram is a simple picture of your family starting with you and working backwards.  Here’s an article on how to draw one.  In your money family tree, make notes about what important financial experiences each person had.  For instance, one woman in the Facebook conversation noted both her parents had declared bankruptcy.  Imagine the emotions they had going through this and write down a short description.  In your genogram, note large changes in financial status (ex. winning the lottery or losing a business) and emotionally charged situations (i.e. being financially dependent on a controlling spouse) in that person’s lifetime.

3) Find your inherited money beliefs. Now that you’re more aware of the events and feelings in your family’s Money Matrix, ask yourself what money beliefs did these create.  To keep it simple, focus on your parents and grandparents.  Given what each parent and grandparent experience around money, what beliefs did they seem to have?  What were the feelings that seemed to go along with these beliefs?

4) Use your energy psychology tools to clear what’s getting in the way. It bears repeating at this point – everyone inherits money beliefs.  The steps above probably gave your a better idea of some beliefs you got that aren’t serving you well.  Use the energy psychology tools of your choice – my favorite is Money Matrix though EFT also works well – to clear the patterns that aren’t working for you.  If you need some tips or pointers, feel free to describe your situation in the form of a comment below.

This is a simple, do-it-yourself guide to identifying family money patterns that are keeping you stuck.  A more powerful and intuitive way is the Money Matrix process.  In 2011, I’ll be describing and teaching Money Matrix more.   Make sure your signed up for my newsletter if you want to hear about these opportunities. In the meantime, let me know how I can help you make sense of all this.    Thanks for reading and happy clearing!