Kind Words

charan sudhar“I started work with Paul about 5 years ago. Then I was struggling with my business, and now I’ve been filmed on TV, and have an upcoming movie called Punk Science. All this because he helped me move into who I am with tender nurturing care, and recognize that I am a leader in the field of epigenetics.

Now, to go from where I was to where I am, I know it was because of his support and care. It’s been an amazing journey of self awareness and it this that creates a great business.”

Nancy Larocca“It is with deep gratitude that I write this testimonial for the amazing support I received from Paul this autumn. We initially contracted to design a social marketing plan for my business, and to create a vision and job description for a virtual assistant to help me implement this plan over the long haul. We achieved this and so much more.

Highlights included:

•   Learning how to tap into my vulnerability and empathy for others as I engage with people online
•  Participating in social media forums with Paul to see how he works his magic
•  Gaining an even more refined understanding of who my ideal clients are
•  Learning how to engage with potential clients in a more conscious way to ensure that they’re willing to do the inner work that is necessary for coaching to be successful
•  Designing a social media plan with “rhythms that feel good” that is sustainable over the long run

I would have thought it would take months of sessions to accomplish that. It didn’t. We covered it all—thoroughly—in only 6 sessions.

As for Paul himself, he is both wise and fun. He gently held my feet to the fire so I wouldn’t lose the vision I have for the “big why” behind my work and what that means for my engagement with my tribe through with social media. Thanks Paul!”


“Deciding to work with Paul has been the best business decision I’ve made in a long time. I’ve learned how to market myself authentically and attract the right clients for me. As a result, I’m attracting committed clients and my client base has increased dramatically.

I now feel comfortable asking for, and being paid, the hourly rate I deserve—a fee higher than any other EFT practitioner locally. Paul is gentle, encouraging, and deeply aware of who I am. I am extremely grateful to have met him.”


sean “Working with Paul is like working with Obi Wan Kenobi. I knew there was much much more power in the interface between business and the spiritual practice but just didn’t know quite how to grasp it. I could feel that Force runs strongly in my veins but there seemed to be no way to connect that to the structure of the business world. Paul gently but clearly guided me, inspired me, and with a wellspring of compassion and understanding he was able to walk next to me all the steps along the way to the doorway through which a whole new understanding was waiting. And just when I was able to work confidently with the essentials, Paul was there with more deep and conscious ways to allow the business and spiritual worlds to more deeply intertwine. His understanding and depth or creativity seem to have no end.

What is probably the most important thing to reflect is the whole-hearted way that Paul’s personal practice shines through his guidance. From his conduct in meetings of the heart-mind, whether it was just the two of us or many, his soft voice and his ability to keep the points of deep interest in focus are marvelous. The man is a jewel.

If I were Neo, Paul would be my Morpheus…”

gitanjali“The biggest thing I’ve been wanting to update you on is how I keep feeling heaps of appreciation and Love for you!

It feels so good to feel so met in a business context, in a way that honors the sacredness of what this work means to me. I Love how you help me slow down and stay with the authentic pace that my system needs to unfold from. And that you truly are helping me to find an aligned way to grow and develop my business in a way that is rooted in my values.”

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