Kind Words

sean “Working with Paul is like working with Obi Wan Kenobi. I knew there was much much more power in the interface between business and the spiritual practice but just didn’t know quite how to grasp it. I could feel that Force runs strongly in my veins but there seemed to be no way to connect that to the structure of the business world. Paul gently but clearly guided me, inspired me, and with a wellspring of compassion and understanding he was able to walk next to me all the steps along the way to the doorway through which a whole new understanding was waiting. And just when I was able to work confidently with the essentials, Paul was there with more deep and conscious ways to allow the business and spiritual worlds to more deeply intertwine. His understanding and depth or creativity seem to have no end.

What is probably the most important thing to reflect is the whole-hearted way that Paul’s personal practice shines through his guidance. From his conduct in meetings of the heart-mind, whether it was just the two of us or many, his soft voice and his ability to keep the points of deep interest in focus are marvelous. The man is a jewel.

If I were Neo, Paul would be my Morpheus…”

gitanjali“The biggest thing I’ve been wanting to update you on is how I keep feeling heaps of appreciation and Love for you!

It feels so good to feel so met in a business context, in a way that honors the sacredness of what this work means to me. I Love how you help me slow down and stay with the authentic pace that my system needs to unfold from. And that you truly are helping me to find an aligned way to grow and develop my business in a way that is rooted in my values.”

Valencia Ray“Meeting Paul on Twitter about 5 years ago has been one of the best things about social  media in my entire social media experience to date. He certainly has revealed to me the power and potential of social media. Over the years, as I watched Paul evolve and we have stayed in touch via Skype and mostly Twitter I have been able to come to know him as a compassionate human being with genuine integrity. I reached out to him a few months ago for a Skype “update” call and it became clear to me that he was the branding coach I needed at the time to help me to organize my “abundant” creative ideas and core messaging of my brand. Little did I realize because I didn’t see it coming, the timing was very significant for my next phase of bringing my message forward into the world in a larger way.

In a few coaching sessions, Paul helped me to organize my existing branding, messaging and purpose work into a clear, structure and framework, so that I have been able to refer to my newly organized ideas during my self-imposed “sabbatical.”

In following my intuition, not only did I select the right coach with integrity, but also I have used the template that he helped me to create as an organizing structure to integrate into my new insights. This has resulted in a deepening of my knowledge and understanding. Now, a few months later, I am clearer than ever and it is a wonder to observe the synchronicity that is beginning to occur as the ideal collaborators,  opportunities and ideal clients are magnetized toward me without my having to “take massive (stressful) action.”

I’m clearer now to be able to screen with wisdom what are the best opportunities for win-win purposeful outcomes for all involved and what actions I need to take. It all began with slowing down and having someone who understood from his heart “who I am” and the significance of the message I bring to the world. Thank you Paul for your ability to provide the support I needed to organize and ground my paradigm shifting insights in a way that gave me the structure and foundation to continue to build upon. I won’t be surprised if my intuition leads me back to you again in the future. In the meantime, we’ll certainly stay in touch via social media.”

susanna“Great gratitude to you, Paul, for the incredible skill and depth of presence you brought to the rebranding process you guided me and my team through. As a business coach/mentor, I knew my business was ready for a significant upleveling. I was eager to attract more seasoned big-vision entrepreneurs, develop new offers on the evolving edge of my body of work, weave together the evocative yet isolated pieces of my emerging message, and then express it all in a new website.

I knew I needed branding help before diving into the website overhaul. Yet I was hesitant to hire a brand consultant because I’d had too many disappointing experiences in which business and marketing coaches simply didn’t know how to work with the complexity of my world-changing vision, mission, and message.

When we had our first conversation, I quickly realized you were someone who got me and the  complexity of what I’m up to. What a relief that was! Every step of the way in this multi-faceted, tailored-to-me process has been a delight! I’ve felt seen in who I am, honored for what I’ve already created, and guided in giving clear expression to what my business is becoming.

I especially appreciate the breadth of your capacity. You were just as adept at helping me dig into my soul and the soul of my business as you were in the more practical stuff of marketing message, income streams, and website strategy. And I adored the energy you brought to it all – deep yet lighthearted, powerful yet gentle, focused yet expansive. Honestly, you felt more like an invested member of my team than an outside consultant!

I’ve no doubt you could help any spiritually-oriented business express itself more authentically and potently, yet you have a particular gift when it comes to midwifing an established business with a complex brand. I’m thrilled with what’s emerged from this rebranding process and already looking forward to how you can help my business next!”

jerome Braggs“I love Paul Zelizer. And not in the way that I love gummy bears, or ZUMBA classes, or vegan thai food, but in the way I love those people who’ve come into my life, deposited something great in my soul, and made me the better for having known them. Paul is such a person.

Working with Paul has done nothing short of transformed my business, healed my life, and fattened my pocketbook (yes, I have one). If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur, I truly believe one of the best ideas you’ll ever cook up for yourself is finding out how to work with this man. I have no shadow of doubt that your business, your life, and your bank account will be ever so grateful you did.”

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