That’s how I recently started a Facebook post and video on my business timeline.   The video has garnered quite a bit of attention and even landed an Awarepreneurs podcast interview with a woman who just put her successful spirit based business coaching practice on pause while she recharges and unpacks what’s feeling “off” to her about how her business is currently configured.

Frames like “the hustle” and “the grind” are often associated with entrepreneurial life (at least in America). Over time, I’ve found that the opportunity to create a business that supports a life of spaciousness and that includes enough time for self care (especially time in nature) is one of the most important benefits of having one’s own business.. Lately, I’ve had some profound conversations with clients and colleagues about more sustainable and enjoyable ways to grow a business.

In this video, I offer 3 helpful steps if you’re finding yourself consistently overwhelmed and perhaps even dealing with some symptoms of burnout from the constant push energy that’s so prevelant in many entrepreneurial circles.

3 Steps for Overcoming Burnout and Redesigning for Sustainability

In the video, I share 3 steps that have been tremendously helpful to me and to my clients:

  1. Recharge.   Return your attention to the practices that help you recharge your emotional and spiritual batteries.   That might practices that you’ve used regularly for a long time.   Or, it might be time to reengage with practices you’ve drifted from or find some new practices that fit what’s happening in this moment.
  2. Remember.  Revisit your WHY – why your started your business – and your core values.   These can act as trim tabs and help you navigate the complex waters of doing deep work in poignant times with much less wasted energy.
  3. Redesign.  Once you can bring a more resourced human to the conversation of your next steps in business and have a good sense of your WHY and core values, take a look and see if there might be adjustments (they don’t have to be large to make a significant impact) you want to make in how you’re doing running your business on a day to day basis.


Do you need some help?

These are very poignant times.  If you could use some help finding some aligned strategies to grow your business while paying good attention to self care and maximizing your social impact, I have a range of support options to share with you.  From the $5 per month basic membership to Awarepreneurs to a $200 small group (never bigger than 6 people) coaching group for newer entrepreneurs to customized individual coaching plans for those who want 1-1 support.   You can contact me to set up a free chat if you’d like to learn more about any of these options.