heart-583895_1280This morning, I got an unskillful request to take part in a project for the conscious entrepreneur community. I posted on Facebook why I thought the person reaching out to me was unskillful and encouraged people not to take this approach.

I was asked what I would recommend instead. So, today’s Facebook live is on the topic of 4 Tips for Engaging Thought Leaders in Your Project:

1) Make sure your project is relevant to the thought leader.
2) Know THEIR work. Read thier blog, watch their video, check out their podcast.
3) Create content on the topic and share a link in your email.
4) Have a realistic time frame.

And, bonus tip:

5) Articulate the benefit to the thought leaders and their tribe.

Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of conscious and social impact entrepreneurs. In addition to marketing, social impact, mindful leadership and values based business, Paul is passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountain high country, yoga & fitness, dark chocolate, and poetry. He lives near Santa Fe, New Mexico.