Goodness. Have you been feeling the sense of acceleration and turbulence lately? I sure have. It’s not bad, just a good workout. 🙂

As someone who preaches to my clients “Sometimes you need to launch messy” …

I am excited to let you know about Awarepreneurs. For quite awhile now, I’ve been wanting to launch a conscious business podcast unlike any other I have seen. One that goes out and finds the people who are having a large positive impact doing transformational work AND their business is thriving AND who do a good job of taking care of their well being while doing all this. As someone who’s been in this space a long time, I know a lot of leaders like this.

In the Awarepreneurs podcast, I will be doing a deep dive with these successful conscious entrepreneurs exploring all aspects of growing their businesses as well as how they take care of their well being as busy people. Well explore their best tips and strategies.

Now, the thing is, Awarepreneurs is still very much in development. In fact, this picture is of the new podcast mike – it’s an Audio-Technica ATR2100 – that I haven’t even unboxed yet (I unbox in the video below). The website isn’t live. Awarepreneurs doesn’t have a logo yet.

And, some of you know that I recently paused the Wisdompreneurs Facebook group due to a legal situation. With over 20,000 members and a very high level of engagement, I’ve been flooded with emails and messages that have been both very supportive and also full of the deep desire to continue to have the kind of thought partnership and support that the Wisdompreneurs community has been for so many.

So in the spirit of being of service and being willing to launch messy, I am letting you know about Awarepreneurs and inviting you to join the Awarepreneurs Facebook group.  #LaunchMessy

I did a Facebook Live this morning about what Awarepreneurs is and how it will work (as much as I know so far).

We will still be under construction for some time. And, if you know me you know I’m much more about being of service than polished outward appearances. So please excuse the mess and hope you will come check out the group anyway.

Lastly, many of you have been asking about how long the Wisdompreneurs Facebook Group will be on a Pause. The only answer I can give you right now is I don’t know.

Thank you for your patience with the transitions I’m in and please remember to take good care in these very poignant times.