This video looks at how we can enjoy this holiday period while still building in practices that will help you enter 2017 feeling enlivened and revitalized instead of sluggish and depleted.

Specifically, I share ideas around 5 practices to revitalize your well being during the holidays:

1) Rest
2) Alone time
3) Food – alkaline foods like almonds, kale and coconut oil to balance out the increased sugar, alcohol and meat that often accompany the holidays.
4) Nature time
5) Soul food – like music, art and poetry.

Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer is one of the first business and marketing coaches to focus on the needs of Wisdompreneurs – people who have a business is based on the principles of wisdom and spirituality. In addition to conscious entrepreneurship, Paul is passionate about just about anything you can do in the mountain high country, power yoga, dark chocolate, sustainable living, ecstatic poetry and deep centering breaths. He lives in a solar adobe home in the mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico.